16. Does Graf Stress Management Work for Everyone?

In theory, the principles behind Graf Stress Management apply to everyone but in practice, the technique works well only when people participate of their own free will and choice.

Although the muscle testing component of the Stress Evaluation operates on a principle similar to the polygraph, it is not an interrogation, and information cannot be forced out of anyone. Thus, delinquent teenagers and hostile spouses cannot be dragged in involuntarily for “fixing,” although one dealing with such people might obtain help for stress of those relationships.

Even those who participate willingly may have stresses that they’re unwilling or unable to face and which will not emerge from the Stress Evaluation. In keeping with the bedrock principle of life, free agency, the intelligence will protect a person even to the point of death from dealing with an issue she is unwilling or unable to face. Sometimes stress management can help a person become willing to face such a stress when they are motivated to make the change.

Another impediment to successful stress management is the loss of will to live — a sense of wanting to be done with life, often after prolonged suffering or discouragement. This can occur even in people who are actively pursuing medical treatment for a given malady. The will to live can sometimes, but not always, be regained.

Finally, it is sometimes simply a person’s ‘time to go’ and nothing will induce recovery, although Stress Management can still be beneficial to help them be at peace while preparing to meet their maker.

In summary, experience persuades me that the mechanics of Graf Stress Management apply to everyone, but that not all are good candidates to use it.  The willingness to let oneself be helped is a key factor. When it’s a good match to the client, Graf Stress Management is an effective, efficient, and satisfying approach to promoting health and well-being.


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Richardson, in Rockville, Maryland, has been certified to practice Graf Stress Management since 1991. In addition, she holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Operations Research and formerly worked for the Congressional Budget Office doing econometric modeling.
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