1. Stresses Resolved, Illness Remitted

My first exposure to Graf Stress Management came from a man whose late-stage cancer had remitted after using it. He’d previously exhausted his conventional options (chemo, surgery) plus several alternative therapies (Gerson Clinic and Diet, Dardik Wave Energy, acupuncture, and TM), and had been told that nothing more could be done for him.

So he decided to visit to each member of his family while he could still travel. When he was in St. George, UT, an aunt suggested that he consult Dr. Jan Graf, a local chiropractor with a stress management technique that had helped many overcome serious problems

He scheduled an appointment to be polite, although he expected nothing to come of it because he had a “real” illness that wasn’t caused by stress or negative feelings. He was therefore surprised when the technique identified as major stresses two events that had occurred more than 15 ago.  While he readily acknowledged that they’d been traumatic at the time, he given no thought to either one in years. One was an excruciating romantic breakup; the other was a wrong he’d committed which had been far beneath his standards. Could these really be bothering him more than, say, the demands of his career?

And yet he felt instantly lighter, joyful, optimistic and energetic after laying down these and other burdens he hadn’t known he was carrying. He described a tangible sense of “health flowing into him” and an inner knowledge that he would recover. Despite being a sophisticated, highest-caliber professional in a no-nonsense field, he described the session with Jan Graf as “the most amazing experience of my life.”

The Stress Evaluation had lasted two hours, during which he was asked a series of questions designed to identify the stresses causing problems for him.  Each of his responses was checked by means of a muscle test.  Graf explained that this technique drew information from the “intelligence,” an innate faculty that knows everything about us including everything we’ve done and felt. As stresses were identified, Graf showed him a forgiveness technique to resolve them.  The process continued until the man’s intelligence indicated that there were no remaining stresses causing problems for him.

I was fascinated by the approach, which harmonized with my own concept of the connection between health and the mind. Since I was grappling with infertility at the time, I made the trip to St. George and had a life-changing experience with Dr. Graf myself.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Richardson, in Rockville, Maryland, has been certified to practice Graf Stress Management since 1991. In addition, she holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Operations Research and formerly worked for the Congressional Budget Office doing econometric modeling.
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